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Kaylee’s Variety Pack 12-Pack (One-Time Purchase)


Our products are 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, no added sugar, no preservatives, nothing artificial.

The healthy, probiotic, juice box alternative. Did your kids remember to take their probiotics today? No problem, put Kaylee’s in their lunch or backpack!

Kaylee’s Culture is here to provide our children with healthy, functional beverages that will lay their foundation for a healthy future. The first shelf-stable water-based probiotic beverage for kids will make it easy to support our children’s immune systems while living their best lives.

Kaylee’s Variety Pack Contents

Strawberry Lemon

Probiotics – Kaylee’s Culture contains* Bacillus subtilis which works naturally with your child’s body to help support both digestive and immune health. Just by simply replacing the non-functional juice box or plain water with Kaylee’s Culture you can maintain your kid’s good health today for their wellness tomorrow.

Variety Pack Size

12 Pack

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