Our Story

There are plenty of juice boxes and sugary drinks available to our children today. Unfortunately, this marketplace is sadly lacking when it comes to truly healthy options. Various illnesses and health problems challenging our children today, can be linked to gut health. Scarce healthy beverage options limit our opportunities to directly support a child’s health and overall well-being.



Kaylee’s Culture is here to provide the whole family with fun, delicious, and nourishing beverages. The first shelf-stable and water-based probiotic beverages, that make it easy to naturally strengthen immune system functionality and support healthy living.


How Kaylee’s Culture Came to Be

I’m Kaylee McLaughlin and I created Kaylee’s Culture for families who need a fun, delicious, and especially healthy beverage option for their children.

My family has lived in San Diego for three generations and I began my own there as well. My husband and I were married shortly after he graduated Naval Flight School and we have three children. He’s still Active Duty Navy and I’m deeply proud of our family’s small yet significant role in supporting our United States of America.

I’ve always been passionate about healthy living, but after I had children, my passion took on a whole new form as I devoted myself to ensuring that my children built healthy and nutritious habits. After our first baby was born, our kitchen became my lab as I spent hours learning to make baby food, formula, kombucha, and water kefir to name a few.

After the arrival of our second baby and a humbling military move away from home to an austere Navy base in Nevada, the demand of making all of these food items myself was becoming overwhelming. I was then pregnant with our third, well outside of my comfort zone away from extended family, and no longer in close proximity to San Diego’s wealth of health stores and Whole Foods. With the birth of our third baby, and the task of wrangling three children under three, my time in the kitchen for food preparation disappeared. I needed quick easy healthy options for our family, but wasn’t seeing many good choices for our children- especially in the beverage area. I was buying expensive bottled kombucha for my kids on a regular basis and realizing that kids simply don’t have healthy beverage options comparable to those available for adults.

Children’s beverages, even those marketed as healthy, tend to be loaded with sugar, dye, and artificial additives. I wouldn’t drink any of those beverages, and I wouldn’t want my children to either. Why weren’t there beverage options for kids that were actually healthy with similar nutritional advantages to those found in adult beverages? Why wasn’t there a beverage for kids that I could give them in abundance without feeling guilty or concern for sugar-induced mood swings? These same questions have remained for years. Adult beverage options have continued to expand while the quantity and quality of children’s beverages have remained stagnant.

That’s why I created Kaylee’s Culture- our kids deserve better. Kaylee’s Culture is the first beverage of its kind and is positioned perfectly to fill this wide market gap. Our beverage is water-based with fruit essence for various flavor profiles kids love, and monk fruit for an all-natural superfood sweetness that kids can’t get enough of. (It also makes some wonderfully unique cocktails for adult time *wink). Most importantly, each individual beverage also contains over 5 Billion CFUs of a specific probiotic culture I personally selected to support our children’s natural digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune system development.

Finally: an authentic, truly healthy, functional beverage that we can feel good about sharing with our kids and families. This is the product of my individual culture as a mother and our collective culture of aspiring healthy families. I’m intimately familiar with what our families need and am so excited to finally deliver it to you.


Made with Love and Gratitude,