How To Master a Morning Routine

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Why Are Morning Routines Important?

Busy moms are faced with juggling schedules, many commitments and family obligations, not to mention trying to squeeze in an ounce of personal time! There can be a lot to worry about these days as a busy Mom. The morning shuffle can be overwhelming when packing lunches, work schedules and dropping kids off at school (or setting up for a day of distance learning). With all of this in mind creating a morning routine might be the last item on the to do list. Mothers always want to do their best for their families. Often, this can come at the expense of their own wellbeing, as they try to meet everyone else’s needs before their own needs are met. When it comes to creating a morning routine it’s important to keep things simple, be realistic with yourself and the time you have, and focus on tasks that truly benefit you and your family. We will talk about why morning routines are vital, and tips on how to create a routine that works for you and your family.

Why Are Morning Routines Important?

The way we create our morning routine sets the tone for the day. Whether you want to use it to be productive and cross tasks off your to-do list, or you want to create more space and peace in your life, a solid morning routine can help you do just that. As you start each day fresh, you can better focus on what is in front of you, where to prioritize your time, and, ultimately, increase your productivity. It can be hard for busy moms to stay consistent with routines in the morning since they are usually juggling multiple things during a single period of time. Kids are unpredictable and ever-changing so it can be difficult to systemize the morning routine consistently. Have patience with yourself and your family, any system you can put in place (even if off track at times) can help create better balance. Prioritize your quiet time before you start your day, which usually means waking up before the kids, helps to be more mentally prepared to seize the day at your fullest compacity.

5 Tips to Make Morning Routines Easier:

  1. Get a head start: To jump-start the morning routine, plan ahead. Before the bedtime routine, have your child get a bath or shower out of the way early in the evening if needed to avoid a later bedtime. Then, ask your child to pick out an outfit for the next day. Take a few minutes to go over the next day’s schedule together. Check that all books, homework, and changes of clothing or items needed for the next day, are packed up and by the door.
  2. Take a few minutes for yourself: If you can wake up just a little earlier than your child, it can help you feel more relaxed about what’s ahead. Give yourself a few minutes to relax, eat breakfast, drink coffee, exercise, or do whatever helps you get in the zone for the day. A little bit of “me” time can make the hectic transition from home to work and school feel much calmer. And that might help your child with the transition, too.
  3. Organization is key: Designate spots for school supplies, sports gear, coats, and jackets. This way, your child always knows where to look for things when you’re halfway out the door. Plastic containers or labeled baskets can keep items within easy view, which makes looking for things in the morning simpler.
  4. Keep your eye on the clock: Make sure there are clocks “in your face” around the house. By making time more visible in your routine, you’ll help teach kids how to manage time, and show your child the importance of being on time as well. Using timers for kids and creating games to “beat the clock” can help when kids are pushing back on getting ready in the morning.
  5. Focused attention: This is a simple way to help your child get the most out of a smoother morning. Starting the day with some cozy family bonding helps get everyone off to a solid start. Sometimes kids merely want a moment of your attention and positive parenting when they are in the midst of the hustle. Build in the time for that extra hug, and reassurance in the morning.

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