What is Kaylee’s Culture?

Kaylee’s Culture is a PROBIOTIC sparkling water that hydrates without calories, sweeteners and preservatives.

Why did you create Kaylee’s Culture?

Families deserve better, that’s why we wanted to create a functional beverage that hydrates without the sugar or preservatives with the added benefit of probiotics.

Is Kaylee’s Culture gluten free, vegan & kosher?

Yes! We also do not use dairy, soy, animal products, nuts, peanuts, preservatives or MSG!

Is Kaylee’s Culture safe for diabetics to drink?

Yes. Kaylee’s Culture has NO sugar at all. We also do not contain any carbs, sodium, or calories.

Does Kaylee’s Culture use Organic ingredients?

Yes! Kaylee’s Culture is made with USDA certified organic ingredients, meaning they are grown without unauthorized chemical pesticides or fertilizers, genetically modified organisms.

What type of water is used in Kaylee’s Culture products?

Reverse Osmosis Water

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